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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 16, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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president obama on the road again. >> we're ramping up our efforts to get capital to small businesses in areas. >> president obama talking jobs in the midwest. the republicans who want his job have ideas of their own. >> we have got a plan. it's called replacing him in 2012. [cheers] >> shepard: tonight, the president on the bus and republicans on the attack. break through in the collar bomb mystery. cops say this guy strapped what we now know was a fake bomb to a teenager's neck to try to make some money. >> the investigation team in sydney identified a suspect from this offense who we had reason to believe had traveled to the united states. >> shepard: tonight, how they caught him half a world away and what we just learned about his encounter with the victim. plus, standoff on a television tower. tonight, developments in the
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days' long drama 100 feet in the air. but, first from fox this tuesday night, an explosive hoax that began all the way around the world has ended with a swat team raiding a home in louisville, kentucky. that's where investigators say they caught a man who strapped a bomb, what we now know to be a fake bomb, actually, to a young woman in australia in an apparent extortion attempt. it all started earlier this month when a teenager in sydney said a masked man broke into her home and chained some kind of device to her neck. the guy said, according to her, it was a bomb. turns out it wasn't. but it took police about 10 hours to figure that out. and all the while, this teenager, young maddie pulver was just sitting there, not knowing whether she was about to blow up. yesterday, an fbi team caught the suspect at a home near louisville, kentucky. some 9,000 miles from the scene of the alleged crime. the guy's name is paul peters.
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we now know he is 50 years old and a father of three. and he is an investment banker who apparently studied law and economics at the university of sydney. one friend told the sydney morning herald newspaper that peters was a smart guy who liked the finer things in life, french wine, french champagne, horseback riding. that friend said peters was very honest and paid a lot of attention to detail. the parents of the alleged victim maddie pulver say they are just thrilled the cops caught him. >> on behalf of maddie and the entire family, we are enormously relieved that an arrest has been made in the united states overnight. these past two weeks have been a very difficult time for us, and we are hopeful that this development marks the beginning of the end of this traumatic ordeal for our family. >> shepard: it turns out the suspect peters is an australian citizen and just hours ago a judge in kentucky ordered him locked up into that extradition hearing in a couple of months.
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mike tobin on fox top story tonight in louisville. how did they find this guy 8,000 miles away? >> you know, shepard, the ransom note attached to the bomb instructed them to a web mail g mail account. they ultimately determined it was created public terminal in chicago airport when pierce was traveling through. also on the day that the bogus bomb plot was executed, someone accessed that g mail account three different times from public terminals. witnesses spotted a man fitting peters description coming and going from public terminals. a car was spotted by security cameras. that car was traced back to peters. travel documents, immigration documents showed that he camed to the united states specifically he came to louisville. he was picked up in a suburb called will he grange outside of louisville where he was staying at his ex-wife's house. picked up without incident, shep. >> shepard: we are also hearing about when the suspect was first accused of breaking into this teenager's home.
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>> it was remarkable. 18-year-old maddie pulver was home studying when documents show that a masked man broke into a house, forced a box up side of her head and fastened it with what and to be a bicycle chain and told her explosives were in the box. also told her to count to 200 he would be in the next hall -- in a nearby hallway and would know if she moved. she disobeyed the orders. ultimately moved. called her parents who called police in defiance of what it said on that ran some note the bomb squad showed up, x-rayed that box. determined there were no explosives and removed it but only after 10 terrifying hours, shepard. >> shepard: mike tobin live tonight in louisville, ken keep. a dramatic television tower standoff dramatic and sad. becoming more perilous by the hour as fox reports live tonight. here is the story. a troubled man in tulsa, oklahoma, lives without food, with almost no sleep, and without a net 8 to 10 stories in the air. this was the scene about 15
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minutes ago as the man started falling backwards. a negotiator for the fire department truck lift next to him managed to grab his legs and prevent him from falling to his death. he managed to stabilize himself again and just within the past few minutes started climbing down the tower, but he is still quite a ways up there. and now a live look at the scene since last thursday the guy has been supporting himself only by standing, sitting or leaning on those metal poles way up on that tower. tulsa cops say it's the longest standoff in the history of the police department. he occasionally naps up there and sometimes crows like a rooster up there. at times the man has appeared to be close to entering the fire department truck lift right there next to him. but he is moving cautiously and keeping his distance from the negotiator inside. >> best case scenario, we would hope he would become -- when he became nonresponsive it would happen when he was sleeping and laying and perform a rescue. right now part of our
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negotiation process, of course, is to get him in the bucket for offers of food, anything else that he is needing right now. so, again, this is just going to take time. >> shepard: they have been trying now for more than 124 hours. late today, the man did appear to lean into that platform and accept a little bit of water. but he quickly went back down the tower after that our senior correspondent eric shawn has been watching the feats of the day. we have learned a lot more about this man tonight. >> 25-year-old william. police believe that yes he does have a history of mental illness. he does have a criminal record for burglary, marijuana possession with intent to distribute and possession of a controlled substance. he just got out of jail in april. a friend of his said he has a small son. has another baby on the way. they just found out that his mother was diagnosed with cancer. police say he has at times threatened to jump but he has also told cops he would rather stay right where he is and be up there than on the ground. shepard? >> shepard: you know, i talked to the cops about in this
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afternoon. it sounds like they are doing every single thing they can but you can't make a man do something he doesn't want to do. >> take a look at the negotiator right now as you see live. they have been trying to build up a rapport with him. he says he doesn't want to hear any negativity or flimflam stuff. he has been offered cigarettes and doctor pepper. that hasn't worked. negotiators are really putting their hearts into it. >> what they will do, usually have one negotiator that will make -- maybe make some progress with him. and then just say if they maybe lose a train of thought or something, then they have a backup negotiator that would also assist. >> well, negotiator talking to him. at one point he he asked for a cup chino. he has asked for a water burger. oreo cookies and milk. stayed on that tower despite thunderstorms and searing heat. today it topped 100 degrees. more underway with temperatures hitting the 90's in the next few days, shepard. >> shepard: you might be thinking why not just put a net
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under him or something and force him down from there. maybe he falls in the net. below him the tower widens so were he to fall, the authorities say he would fall on to the tower. a precarious situation. we are watching it live throughout the hour. updates from tulsa as we get them. police in the united kingdom say rioters may have planned to attack sights of the 2012 olympics. you will recall last week the reuters set -- rioters set fire to buildings. extra officers to protect the olympic locations after they intercepted messages on blackberry messenger and twitter. the cops also charging a teenager with murdering this 68-year-old man during those riots. a group of people last week reportedly attacked him. he died days later of head injuries. the suspect in that is just 16 years old. police also charged his mother with obstructing the investigation. the riots left five people dead and damaged hundreds of millions in property some 3,000 people
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arrested. a new poll shows just how much rick perry is already shaking up the republican presidential race but the texas governor also has a bit of explaining to do after saying this about the chairman of the federal reserve. >> i don't know what y'all would do to him in iowa, but we would treat him pretty ugly down in texas. [ laughter ] >> shepard: lety ugly. tonight the white house and the perry campaign are responding. we are live in d.c. plus, there is word it may not just have been a storm that sent this stage crashing down killing five people and scaring many more. what state fair officials are reportedly admitting about the deadly collapse from the journalists of fox news. this is "the fox report." have i got a surprise for you!
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simply ageless from olay and easy, breezy beautiful, covergirl. >> shepard: fox news is america's election headquarters. and there is a new poll out today that says there is a brand new frontrunner in the republican presidential race. the texas governor rick perry
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jumping to the head of the pack in a new rasmussen poll. he leads mitt romney by 11 points. that's outside the margin of error. rasmussen by the way uses automated polling technology. meanwhile governor perry's campaign is on the offense after a comment he made in iowa about the federal reserve chairman ben bernanke. hear, listen. >> if this guy prints more money between now and the election, i don't know what y'all would do to him in iowa. we would treat him pretty ugly down in texas. [ laughter ] i mean, printing more money to play politics at this particular time in american history is almost treasuressous or treason, in my opinion. >> shepard: almost treason news and we would treat him pretty ugly. today the white house says and i quote we take the independence of the federal reserve very ver
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rously and think threatening the fed chairman is probably not a good idea. here is the response from the perry campaign. the governor was expressing his frustration with the current economic situation and the out-of-control spending that persists in washington. james rosen live in d.c. james, governor perry just spoke about his comment, right? it's my understanding by the way. >> that's right. late today, shep, a female voter in wolcott, iowa, brought up this issue of the governor's comments to his face and had this exchange with him. >> that was wonderfully put. >> i'm passionate about. >> really well-put. >> trying to get this country solved. >> don't talk the way they want you to,kay? >> don't let them back you down. now, president obama was asked tonight about perry's claim that america's fighting men and women would prefer to be governed by someone like perry. served in the armed forces. president obama telling cnn he will cut the governor some slack since he just joined the race. >> michele bachmann campaigning today in south carolina.
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james? >> yeah and not for the first time, shep. congressman woman bachmann invoked history and got her fact wrong. today she was stumping in spartanburg, north carolina and her attempt to kick off the rally on cheerful note made for uncomfortable moment. >> before we get started let's all say happy birthday to elvis presley today. happy birthday. we played you a little bit of promise land when we pulled up. you can't do elvis presley. we thought we would celebrate his birthday as we get started to celebrating take our country back tour. >> as all music lovers know the king of rock and roll was born on january 8th and today is actually the darkest of days at grace land because it was on this day august 16, 1977 that we lost the king at the age of 42. the congresswoman had a subsequent appearance, shep,
4:16 pm
corrected her error. >> shepard: james, people from across the country and around the world for that matter are holding a candlelight vigil or did so at elvis' grave at grace land. and many expected to show up in memphis for elvis week. big money making gathering said to honor the mississippi native known to one and all as the king of rock and roll. [ >> shepard: in hay day he recorded 12 consecutive hit. he later battered health problems at best and a prescription drug problem. 34 years ago to the day, his fiancee found him dead on the bathroom floor inside his house in memphis. elvis aaron presley 42 years old but already an american icon. new details at the present time on saturday's tragic stage collapse at the indiana state fair. a collapse that killed five people and injured dozens more. a spokesperson for that fair reportedly admitting he is not sure whose job it was to inspect
4:17 pm
the stage and rigging before this happened. [screams] >> state fair emergency plan is one page long and does not even mention evacuations. as you may know, a 60 to 70 minor wind gust is thought to have caused the stage to fall on the audience. moments before the group sugarland was to start a conference. 18 people still? hospitals. state fair officials say they have collected thousands of dollars for a fund to help families of the five victims. they say proceeds of thursday's indianapolis concert by train and maroon five will go to the same cause. police report a horrifying home invasion in connecticut not too far investigation. >> plus, hot pursuit on a piece of factory equipment.
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>> the standoff in tulsa continues high up on a television and radio this man some sort of mental problems to come down without killing himself. their work has been astounding to watch. trying to save a life high above tulsa back as events warrant throughout the evening. the manhunt is on for the suspects in a terrifying home invasion in connecticut. one reawakening memories of a deadly crime. it happened in the town of north bran ford a few hours outside new york city. five men broke into a home there and held the family hostage for more than four hours. we're told one suspect forced a woman out of the shower at gunpoint.
4:22 pm
tied a woman in the basement along with her mother. when the father came home, the suspect put a gun to his head, ransacked the house and later threatened to kidnap a 3-year-old boy. >> it was brazen all right. to come here middle of the night raining with handguns. the victims are scared. hopefully we are going to find these guys. thank god the victims are okay. >> and they are still looking. it happened just 15 miles from the notorious 2007 home invasion at the petit family. in that crime two men raped and tortured daughter and killed them along with another daughter. only the father survived that attack. david lee miller here with more on this investigation. any arrests now? shepard, the search continues at this hour for all five intruders, the authorities have not released a great deal of information. they have said that all the men are black. they said that one of them was at least six foot tall and weighed 240 pounds and had some facial hair. the authorities have not released any composite sketches that's because all the men wore
4:23 pm
hooded sweat shirts and bandannas to conceal their faces. they wore gloves in order not to leave behind fingerprints. they poured bleach around the home to cover up any evidence. the authorities in north bran ford, connecticut tonight are cautioning residents to use their alarm systems and lock their doors. shepard? >> shepard: what do we know about the kidnapping threat here. >> apparently the intruders became very frustrated, shepard, when they tried to break in unsuccessfully to a 700-pound safe. that is when they threatened to kidnap the 3-year-old boy who was in the home. the authorities say that the people in the home offered that they themselves should be taken hostage. the kidnappers finally decided to flee, taking with them a small amount of cash, some jewelry, as well as some food. that 3-year-old boy's father, who is not in the home at the time, and who asked not to be photographed told local reporters that he believed the intruders had no intention of
4:24 pm
hurting anyone, all they wanted was money. >> i feel that they weren't really there to hurt anybody. they weren't there to kill anybody. if they wanted to, they could have. they had the opportunity. hethey had guns. they were looking for money or possessions. >> couple of hours. the the recovery will take much much longer. the 3-year-old boy when it was over told them he had seen the monsters. >> shepard: james arthur ray back in court today arguing for a new trial. you may remember in june a jury found this guy guilty of negligent homicide after three people died in one of his sweat lodge ceremonies. it was part of what he called a spiritual healing retreat that he ran in arizona back in october of '09. reportedly cost between 9 and $10,000 for each person to get in the thing. described suffocating and heat inside that low tent like lodge and people dragging away
4:25 pm
lifeless and barely breathing participants while others performed cpr. 18 people. 18 people went to the hospital. james ray facing up to 11 years in prison for those three deaths. his lawyers claimed he disirves a new trial because prosecutors mishandled the evidence. did not effect the verdict. when the s&p credit ratings agency downgraded the united states debt earlier this month. it sent the dow diving, remember? today, another agency weighed in on whether uncle sam is likely to keep paying the bills. we'll have that decision in detail ahead. plus, why president obama is telling congress to just get in the game. strong words from his new bus tour coming up. and a 17-dollar toll just to enter an american city. $17. how do you think drivers are feeling about that? the plan to raise the rate and bottom-of-the-hour headlines just ahead.
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>> shepard: here is one for you, a beer chugging man leading police stolen forklift dog along for the ride. happened sunday in fort worth, texas. the man was shirtless and drunk. throwing beer cans at officers as they tried to pull him over. they eventually shot him with a a taser. police charged him with aggravated assault, aggravated arrest while intoxicated and
4:30 pm
more. no charges on the puppy. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. president obama putting more pressure on congress as he rolled through the midwest on his bus tour. he says the country will come back from the recession stronger than ever. he claims we could make even more progress if congress would do its part. >> the only thing that's holding us back is our politics. the refusal of a faction in congress to put country ahead of party. that has to stop. our economy cannot afford it. >> shepard: house speaker john boehner says republicans have acted on common sense pro-growth policies. aimed at creating a better environment for job creation. ed henry down the road a iowa. he seems to be steering clearly of the competition here. >> that's right, shep. he doesn't really want to talk about the republican presidential contenders. he wants to talk about
4:31 pm
republicans in congress. why? pretty easy. he is looking at that 10% approval rating for congress right now in the fox news poll. pitiful. he thinks it's easy pickings. less popular than he is he is basically out here on the stump saying is he going to put together a new economic plan in september. have old components like extending the payroll tax cut. passing trade deals that he hopes will create some jobs. also new elements and basically challenging republicans in the house and saying if you don't pass, this i will run against a do-nothing congress. take a listen. >> i don't care whether you are a democrat or republican or independent you are not registered with any party, i want to enlist your help. i need your help sending a message to congress that it's time to put the politics aside and get something done. >> that strategy may be a little tough though since democrats want two thirds in washington. ghanch the senate. one of those in addition to the
4:32 pm
white house, shep. >> shepard: now he is headed home to the home state of illinois, right? >> that's right. two town hall meetings tomorrow in illinois. going to be trying to sharpen some rhetoric. also hear from folks around the country here from what they want to do to try to create jobs. of course, he goes on that martha's vineyard vacation. perhaps an opportunity to get a little bit of down time and think about the elements of that new economic plan. i mentioned one part we know will not be in it was this trial balloon floated in the "new york times" about possibly a department of jobs. the president saying in an interview with cnn tonight no way not doing that the reason clearly when you talk to democrats private live they knew that would be a big loser. it would be served right up to the republican national committee which could then say the president is finally focusing on jobs three years. in they are not going to create a department of jobs, shep. >> shepard: ed henry on the road with the president. as the president talks economy the stock market remains a real mess. steep sell off in the past few weeks. saw a slight rebound over the past few sessions. stocks turned negative once
4:33 pm
again today. the dow was off 77 by the time they finished. nasdaq 32. s&p 12. this comes on more mixed news about the state of our economy including a report that shows factories were busier last month. the federal reserve reports industrial production rose 0.9%. biggest this year. it's clear the big problems remain in other areas of the economy, including the housing market. the commerce department reports home builders broke ground on 1.5% fewer homes last month. lori rothman from the fox business network live in new york city. the biggest concern is about the debt problems in europe. >> you hit the nail on the head, shep. indeed, the key leaders of the eurozone angela merkel and sarkozy. covering in debt crisis. greece in particular. smaller countries all struggling as the larger loaned smaller countries money. exposed to possible credit downgrade similar to the one we had here in the u.s. the meeting of the minds really calm up with nothing that was
4:34 pm
all that encouraging to global investors. the big solution everyone hoped would be that europe would issue euro bond, similar to our treasuries here in the u.s. germany not willing to pull the sled for the rest of the euro zone got its way. instead of euro bond european economic council. again, no one is all that happy with it the big concern shear that the u.s. might actually have to participate in some kind of european bailout. >> shepard: i got lost 30 seconds ago. it's all very confusing, isn't it? i would like to know what might take them to go higher. >> very confusing. fundamentals, geopolitical events and risk was that kind of influence the gauge of the u.s. stock market. key levels, prices, right you? pointed out we had three days of gains in the stock market. people are profit-taking here and hoping to lock that in. it is so volatile lately, shep, nobody knows what tomorrow may hold. >> lori rothman part of the business team in business.
4:35 pm
1:00 business network. one credit agency still showing love for the united states debt. fitch announced today that it's keeping the rating of america's national debt at aaa, the highest possible grade and the outlook, stable. as fitch puts it, the key pillars of our exceptional credit worthiness remain intact, including our, quote, pivotal role in the global financial system and the flexible, dvd and wealthy diversified and wealthy economy. raise america's borrowing limit. moody's is listing u.s. debt aaa with a negative outlook. s&p of course downgraded its rating earlier this month. getting into new york city could get a lot more expensive if officials get their way. the port authority of new york and new jersey runs the bridges and the tunnels and stuff. it's planning more than double the tolls into the big apple. from $8 to $17 per car at the tunnels.
4:36 pm
commuter train fares in and out of new jersey will also see a spike -- price hike. we will -- we are told much of the money will go to the world trade center and new 9/11 security problems. the port authority is set to vote on the plan this friday. seemed like unusual spot to go snorkeling. somebody in aruba among the last people to see the american woman alive. she vanished in the same town where natalee holloway disappeared six years ago. this case is about to go criminal. a live report next. and the standoff high above tulsa, oklahoma continues. moments ago this man was leaning over into that bucket there. they are at least 100 feet into the sky. leaning over and looked as if he might collapse above it. after 126 hours, he must be completely exhausted. yet, in his mental state, the authorities simply cannot talk him down. it is a sad occurrence with a man who needs water and food and quite a lot of help.
4:37 pm
but at this moment he is refusing it we're back live as news warrants throughout the hour. ♪
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>> shepard: you are looking live tulsa, oklahoma, where 127 and a half hours later the man who has been perched precariously among a television and radio tower has at long last given up. let's take a look at video which was shot just moments ago during the commercial break. the man who has been sitting there for all these hours, with so many problems. he had leaned over like this time and time again. he had gotten this close but never had we seen this. an exhausted and certainly dehydrated and certainly very tired man with a lot of problems. finally sat down in that bucket truck. the man had had rescued him closed the door of that bucket truck. and they went down to safety. we're told he has mental problems. one child, another on the way. that he just found out his mother had had cancer. that he has told thorgts who have been up there for hours and
4:41 pm
hours on end, trying to coax him down, that he simply did not want to come down. that he was more comfortable up there than on the ground. imagine what it's like just so sit in a stadium seat for a few hours. how uncomfortable it can become with just a wallet in your back pocket while driving down the road. think of this man while sitting on those three inch round poles for 127 and a half hours. according to authorities no water and no food since friday evening. by sunday morning, they tell us, as the sun was rising, and he refused to come down, he was crowing like a rooster. and over the days since, very well trained first responders, members of the swat team of the tulsa, police department have been up there trying to convince him for his good and the good of those around him, he had to just give it up. below him on that tower was more tower girding. so it was impossible for them to put a net underneath him to save
4:42 pm
him should he fall. they couldn't coax him down. they couldn't talk him down. they couldn't force him down. they had to wait for him to give up. for all those hours, members of that swat team slowly and methodically built trust. we watched this afternoon as they massaged his arms and his back as he must have been in horrible pain. and now as let's look like at the scene as they are working to carry this man away, he is no doubt in need of medical treatment. there is no way that he is not dehydrated and pretty bad shape himself. you saw the pat on the back there with the tulsa police one man to another. think what they have been through all this time. see the man in the striped shirt with the big smims? you know what their fear had to have been that a man who had a very bad way and problems most of us probably can't understand would eventually fall off there while they watched. that they wouldn't be able to successfully coax him down, that all their efforts would be for not. instead, first responders have come to the rescue yet again. this time, not of a man who was
4:43 pm
in great need. aside from himself, he needed protection for himself on this day and yesterday and all the way back to thursday. and the tulsa police swat team provided that they have been standing vigil over this man who wouldn't take the dr. pepper they offered. wouldn't take the cigarettes they offered. wouldn't take any coaxing to come down. he knew eventually he would simply run out of fuel. short time ago as he leaned over those polls way atop that tower some 8 to 10 stories in the area, he finally gave up. it will be fascinating to learn tomorrow or the next day exactly how they accomplish -- how these first responder heros who go to work every day and end up having so save lives one way or another were able to convince him that for his good and for those around him, probably for the child yet unborn and the one already yet alive, for his family and the people watching at home on the television how getting in the ambulance would be the right thing. a couple more american heros who
4:44 pm
respond every day to try to save our lives and today helped the man who couldn't help himself. the drama in tulsa, oklahoma is over. the longest standoff in the history of tulsa police department is over. and the man who, well, could very well have lost his life up there will go off to a hospital to be saved by others. just like the tulsa police who saved him today. it's been a horrible thing to watch. and as fox reports live tonight, it is at long last over. we don't know how bad his situation is. we don't know how bad his health is but i can't wait to hear the story of how they got him out of there. our senior correspondent eric shawn. eric, we have been watching this thing for days. finally our local fox affiliate. it's their tower or at least they transmit something from that tower. they finally put a live camera up there so we could all watch, eric. i wonder how it finished. >> thank goodness it ended this way. such a relief and inspiration. 25-year-old finally gave up and climbed in that cherry picker
4:45 pm
and fire bucket. kudos to that negotiator. the tulsa police investigator with the swat shirt. we saw him get a pat on the back. i hope they have a news conference to give us details about what went on and what finally convinced william to give up his life threatening desire to stay on that tower for so long. he has had a lot of problems recently, shepard. he has a criminal record for burglary, marijuana possession with intent to distribute. possession of a controlled substance, he just got out of jail in april. as you said, he has a small son, another baby on the way. he just learned that his mother was diagnosed with cancer, shepard. which is one reason why he may have gone over the edge. while police have been saying he has a history of mental illness a former boss at tulsa company that normal. he never saw any signs of mental illness. lost his job in june. paychecks started to dry up. boss believes he may have just had a real hard time in his
4:46 pm
words with dealing waffle life's troubles. he, at times, threatened to jump, police said. other times he said not. >> he said he didn't believe in suicide. at one point he said he didn't want to hear any negativity from the hostage negotiators. police negotiators. he didn't want to have any of that quote flimflam stuff that was his words. cigarettes, dr. pepper, cappuccino, water burger, oreo cookies and milk. he stayed on that tower so long taking occasional since of sips of water. that man right there in the striped shirt shaking hands, congratulations of course right at this moment, he saved an american life hats off to him. we will certainly hear from the tulsa police department more about this drama. frankfully it ended successfully. a sigh of relief and thanks and gratitude in tulsa, shepard tonight. >> no doubt, eric. i know from speaking with the police earlier today that it was a series of hostage negotiators
4:47 pm
or i'm not sure exactly. i know they were swat team negotiators who were up there on different shifts throughout the day. 24 hours a day around the clock. mighty selfless thing too for us every day. sometimes they have to save us from others. sometimes they have to save us from ourselves. thankfully they are there to save us no matter what the situation. so, a terrific ending to a very difficult situation for all involved and live only on fox across the nation. if, in fact, they do come out to hold a news conference, and we certainly hope they do. kudos are always nice to give. we will bring that live here on fnc. >> news rolls on on a tuesday night. netflix may be trying to make nice over price hike. latest plan to luring customers coming up in just a moment. jeremy, look at me. look at that smile. that is pudding face. you took my pudding! the evidence is hard to dispute.
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>> shepard: new accusations that news of the world employees were spying on people. news corporation parent company of fox news channel closed down that united kingdom newspaper last month. investigators say the tabloid staffers hacked into the news accounts of people they were covering, including celebrities and murder victims. now, a newly released letter that a former news of the world correspondent apparently sent back in 2007 indicates employees openly discussed phone hackings during editorial meetings. amy kellogg live in london. >> james murdock, the head of news corps europe and asia may have to go back and testify before those lawmakers again at those lawmakers at that committee. those lawmakers saying there are discrepancies between what james murdock told them he knew about phone hacking and what some
4:52 pm
senior former employees of the news of the world said that he knew. and then that letter that you have mentioned, which was released today. it was by the former royal editor of the news of the world saying that the practice of phone hacking was widely discussed at editorial meetings until the discussion of it in that venue was banned by the then editor. news corporation did not comment specifically on the letter today but released a statement saying, quote, we recognize the seriousness of the materials disclosed to the police and parliament and we're committed to working in a constructive and open way with all relevant authorities. but it's likely that the parliamentary committee will want to speak to james murdock again. >> let's also have it clear james murdock himself has said that parliament was mislead which is why we invited him to give evidence a few weeks ago. what i think people will be surprised at is that there seems to be a question as to whether james murdock himself mislead the committee. >> the letter released today was actually written in 2007 by
4:53 pm
former royal editor clive goodman who is the only reporter to date actually convicted for phone hacking. goodman on the right here hacked the voice males of three members of the royal household. the letter was written at the end of his jail sentence at the time the news of the world dismissed him and, shep, there is no way of knowing whether what clive goodman claimed in his letter is accurate. shep? >> shepard: amy kellogg, thank you. the chief prosecutor on the caribbean island of aruba today told fox news that he fully intends to file criminal charges against an american man suspected in the disappearance of a woman from maryland. as you may have heard 35-year-old robyn gardner went missing two weeks ago from today. that man clamsd she vanished while they were snorkeling. investigators don't believe that because the ocean was very calm among other things. it all happened down the road from where natalee holloway disappeared in 2005. phil keating is on it from south florida. new details on what may have been robyn gardner's last hours
4:54 pm
alive, phil. >> this very moment two weeks ago to tonight was the first hour of searching for her. the owners of the dive shop on aruba's baby beach. he remembers the blonde tattooed woman and suspect eating there having drinks and leaving at about 4:00 p.m. the solicitor general of aruba taco stein also tells me at 6:30 p.m. jerry gore dan any missing. that leaves a very small amount of time two and a half hours and not far he can go with her body. a full scale search for her body, possibly involving the military is planned in the next coming days. he will be charged criminally whether it's murder, manslaughter or accidental death. that's for the investigation, shep. >> shepard: netflix trying to appeal to busy families. the company launching a new kid friendly feature which recommends movies and tv shows for those under 12. this comes after the company decided to raise prices for customers who watched streaming video and get dvds by mail.
4:55 pm
it's sort of like an o. live branch wetter and stronger. might cuba interest you in a drink? next.
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>> shepard: you might call this a little damascus i damascus corrie. there is word the cube bin interest section in washington is about to open a bar. there is no embassy in the united states for cuba but it does have presence at the swiss embassy. opening hemingway's bar in october. told it will be invitation-only and drinks will be free because americans are not to exchange currency with cubans. legendary author earnest hemingway was known to enjoy a bottle of rum from time to time. and on this day in 1960, the u.s. military went into a free-fall when an american air force pilot completed the highest altitude jump of all time. his name was captain joe kittinger, the mission determine
4:59 pm
whether it was safe for pilots to auto jecket from planes at extremely high altitudes. so the captain climbed into a heel lump balloon and up he went some 18 miles above the new mexico desert and then he jumped out for nearly 14 minutes he plummeted to earth, reaching a top speed of 714 miles an hour. that too was a record. somehow the captain landed safe and sound and a pilot had a need for speed 51 years ago today. wow. and now you know the news for this tuesday, august the 16th. 2011. i'm shepard smith. we're hoping for word from the heros in tulsa who saved the man from the top of the tower. saved him from himself. if that happens tonight, we will bring it to you on america's choice for news on cable. this is fox news channel. >> laura: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> sounds like you are interested in listening. it sounds like you are. >> you are not listening either.


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